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Enterprise Resource Planning a norm for living – Are We There Yet?

Not very long ago, roughly 30 years back houses in India were huge. And by that I mean really huge! We are talking about high ceilings, bathtub worthy bathrooms and bigger bedrooms. All for up to 3-4 people to live in. Stadium type houses were a thing and Enterprise Resource Planning was light years away.

However, with urban development increasing, houses got smaller. Today, cluster living is a norm and societies are grouped together in one colony with barely any breathing space between two buildings. While this is a big joke for privacy, it is also a breeding ground for disasters.

what will change now?

But now, in the new normal, solutions will need a re-think. Rural and Urban societies will need to go back 30 years to implement the norms of social distancing. With micro-living, shared spaces and compartmentalized living out of question now, what one can expect to see a rapid growth in is – Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for housing development.

ERP for Housing – say whaaat?

Enterprise Resource Planning/ ERP is essentially the use of technology to manage business processes often in real time. Basically a personalized app to integrate all business issues. Many modern housing societies in India are already using it. A specialized smart phone application as a one stop for all society related issues, till today, was considered a luxury of upscale property holders. Now, it is going to be a necessity for all. ERP apps for housing societies are primarily accessible to all society members with details like pending dues, key contacts, intercom accessibility, remote camera, latest society news and important announcements regularly updated. This makes coordination amongst society members a lot easier.

Luxury or Necessity?

Till now considered a luxury, Enterprise resource planning apps very well have the potential of being a regular part of our new normal. Without the availability of these apps, people will have to coordinate with each other personally, sometimes even physically. With spacious living slowly becoming a thing again in society, physical coordination will become cumbersome and time consuming. Also millennials hate talking to people. ERP apps for colonies, even for specific areas (where organised living has not come into force yet) will mean constant reminders to residents for pending activities and easy outlet for clearing dues. Residents can simply clear their dues through the payment gateway in the app thus avoiding unnecessary rush at the society office.

For rural areas and villages, Enterprise Resource Planning apps can be much more comprehensive and contain other basic information and records about the village as well. Accessible to all. This will help in maintaining social distancing due to reduced gathering of large crowds for mundane activities. Also, with the increase in distance between living spaces, ERP is more a matter of convenience in a fast paced world.

While we agree, the sudden technological turnover is going to be slow. But, it is surely a gradual inevitability. With social distancing and the accompanied paranoia becoming our new reality – any methods of avoiding physical contact and crowded gatherings is going to be appreciated and desired.

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